Hello From Us

Hello From Us

Saturday 14th September 2013

So, even though I am a technophobe and Luddite, our friends at Fluxio, the brilliant website designers, have done their best to make me techno-savvy, and able to input information into our own website so that we can communicate with you, our lovely Guests.

First of all we'd like to say a big, warm welcome, and let you know that we are now gearing up for our Autumn Season, a season which is full of such mellow beauty here at Shoyswell. The trees areĀ just being touched with the first pastel shades of russet and rose; the meadows are completely golden and filled with slightly nervous looking Pheasants, and the hedgerows and orchards are alive with abundance - something which we capitalise on in our kitchen! Who knew that courgettes could provide the moistness for rich fruit loaf? The plums are about to be turned into jam, and all the chillies and ripe tomatoes have been made into a tasty Chilli sauce. I have got my beady eye on what is ripening and where, and I am poised to pick it, stuff it, pickle it or preserve it in some way!

Come and stay with us as soon as possible, and enjoy cosy evenings by the log fire, or brisk walks through the crispening air; we are waiting to welcome you!

Your Hosts,

Jolyon & Lawrence