What a weekend!!

What a weekend!!

Tuesday 25th June 2013

So the B&B has been full since Thursday last week, and I am just waiting for the Belgian Golfing party (3 lovely couples) to come down for their breakfast, but, I can't help myself, I have to broadcast a couple of the comments we received from two young couples who stayed over the week-end.
The lovely people from Harrogate said, "Hi Jolyon & Lawrence
Thank you once again for a wonderful weekend! Your cottage is absolutely gorgeous - we will definitely be recommending you to friends and family!
Look forward to seeing you again in July!"

Yes! It's true! They liked it so much they booked again to stay with us immediately.

And the couple from Denmark and New Zealand wrote, "Good morning Jolyon. Thanks again for a wonderful weekend at your cottage. You were very attentive and we loved everything about the place, inside and out. I also think we made some new friends in Tiny, Lola and Dexter ."

We even now have a couple of comments written in our Visitors Book, so I am as pleased as punch.

I have to say that getting breakfast ready for 8 people who might want any combination of eggs, bacon, tomatoes, toast, beans, sausages, tea, coffee, fried bread, porridge, mushrooms, more toast, kedgeree and waffles, and who might arrive en masse or in dribs and drabs is quite a sporty event. Breakfast yesterday was also conducted in French, so while I was scrambling eggs and remembering to sprinkle with chives, I was also desperately struggling in my mind to find the word for "doormat" as one of the guests had been in the garden and trodden in an offering from one of the dogs (WHO IS GULTY? Step forward, Lola, Tiny OR Dexter,) and I could see it rapidly approaching one of the Persian rugs on the floor. Breakfast garnished with dog mess is NEVER an attractive menu option.
His Grace looks slightly bewildered over the last couple of days that there are people in the house, other than himself, who require attention, and expect the highest levels of service. To get around this potential problem I cooked him steak with potatoes and salad last night as a bribe, all served up with a hefty side dish of warmth and affection. Phew! Job done!

Best wishes